Therefore, there are some functional differences when using the sensor in System Extension mode on macOS 11 and later.

Using the sensor in KEXT mode achieves the same functionality on macOS 11 as it does on older operating systems.

Unless otherwise specified, documentation related to macOS functionality on the Carbon Black Cloud pertains to macOS 10.15 and earlier or to functionality delivered via the KEXT on macOS 11.

The following matrix outlines macOS functionality on the Carbon Black Cloud. The functionality detailed in the macOS 11+ column pertains to the sensor’s functionality in user space (System Extension) in the initial macOS 11-compatible sensor release (v3.5.1+). For functionality provided via the kernel extension, refer to the macOS 10.12 - 11+ column.

Table 1. macOS User Space Functionality in Audit and Remediation and Integrations
Functionality macOS10.12 - 11 (KEXT) macOS 11+(user-space)
Audit & Remediation (enterprise-class Osquery) X X
Open APIs to Query All Endpoint Data X X
Open APIs to Invoke All Remediation Functions X X