• The Kubernetes cluster nodes can access the URL of the CBC environment for https requests on port 443. The URL is the CBC environment you are working with.
  • The Kubernetes cluster nodes can access the Event Stream URL for gRPC traffic on port 443.
    Table 1. URLs
    URL of the CBC Environment Event Stream URL
    https://defense-eap01.conferdeploy.net https://events.containers.carbonblack.io
    https://defense-eu.conferdeploy.net https://events-eu.containers.carbonblack.io
    https://defense-prodnrt.conferdeploy.net https://events-prodnrt.containers.carbonblack.io
    https://defense-prodsyd.conferdeploy.net https://events-prodsyd.containers.carbonblack.io
  • Cluster nodes can pull container images from the dockerhub registry.