You can invite users to install sensors on their Windows and macOS endpoints.


  1. On the navigation bar, click Inventory > Endpoints.
  2. Click Sensor Options and then click Send installation request (Windows and macOS).
  3. Add a single user or multiple users. To add multiple users, type a comma-separated list of email addresses.
    Note: If you are adding multiple users, the following maximums apply:
    • 700K characters
    • 28.5K addresses with an average address length of 21 characters
  4. Click Send.


Users receive an email invitation that contains the installer download link and a unique single use installation code. The installation code expires after one week. If the installation code expires, follow the procedure To Send a New Installation Code.

Users should follow the instructions in the email to install the sensor. In the email, users click on the appropriate OS installer link to download the sensor.

Note: We recommend that you inform users in advance that you're sending the email invitation. In the advance notification, tell the users which version to download (32-bit or 64-bit). The 32-bit variant of the sensor does not run on a 64-bit version of Windows. Instruct the users that they should copy/paste the installation code into a plain text editor, and then copy/paste that entry into the installer. Copy/pasting the installation code directly from the console does not always work properly.

If the user is installing a sensor version prior to 3.0, they must use the legacy 6-digit code instead of the extended 3.0+ installation code. You can find the 6-digit code on the Endpoints page; expand the user for whom the request is being made, and provide them with the listed v1-v2 code.