This section describes how to deploy Carbon Black Cloud Windows 3.6+ sensors on Horizon full clones and Horizon instant clones 7.13, Horizon 2012 or later.

Note: If you are using an earlier version of Horizon instant clones or the Carbon Black Windows sensor, see Interoperability of VMware Carbon Black and Horizon (79180) for instructions.

Before you install the Carbon Black Cloud Windows sensor, make sure that you are following standard Horizon best practices, including optimizing the golden image. The versions of the Carbon Black sensor and Horizon that you are using must be compatible and supported. See the VMware Interoperability Matrix and Interoperability of VMware Carbon Black and Horizon (79180).

Review the following requirements and implement the recommended best practices. If the best practices included here are not the preferred method for deployment, an alternative configuration that uses the OFFLINE_INSTALL switch is supported for Windows sensors v3.5 and above. This is useful for organizations who want to create a golden image and clone it to offline computers. See Windows Sensor Supported Commands.

See Installing Sensors on Endpoints in a VDI Environment for preliminary instructions.