This article describes how a Horizon instant clone receives a Device ID and is assigned a policy.

Important: Asset Groups is available to Carbon Black Cloud customers on 27 November 2023. Carbon Black recommends that you upgrade from Sensor Groups to Asset Groups as soon as it is operationally feasible for your organization. Sensor Groups will be phased out by 01 December 2024. See Asset Groups and Sensor Groups in the User Guide.
  1. The endpoint requests a new Device ID.
  2. The new Device ID is identified as a virtual desktop on the backend.
  3. The endpoint inherits the policy from the golden image unless one of the following conditions applies. Manual policy assignment post-installation overrides the inheritance.
    • You have previously created Asset Groups and the installed sensor matches an Asset Group’s criteria.
    • You have previously created Sensor Groups and the installed sensor matches a Sensor Group’s criteria.