Use the following procedure to disable automatic signature updates.


  1. Sign in to the Carbon Black Cloud console.
  2. Click Enforce, click Policies, and select the policy.
  3. Click the Local Scan tab and disable Signature Updates. Click Save.
  4. Install the sensors. Make sure the sensors are assigned a policy that has signature updates disabled (steps 1 and 2). Wait at least 10 seconds before you run the signature pack installer.
  5. Click Endpoints, click Sensor Options, and click Download sensor kits.
  6. Download the AV Signature Pack.
  7. Run the following command under a user account that has full administrator rights by using system management software:
    CbDefenseSig-YYYYMMDD.exe /silent
    Note: You can run the installation command through Live Response.
  8. On the Local Scan tab on the Policies page, enable Signature Updates. After you save the changes to the selected policy, sensors in that policy begin to download the AV Signature Pack from Carbon Black Cloud servers in the next 5-60 minutes.

    By default, updates download every 4 hours with a staggered update window of 4 hours. You can change these settings on the Local Scan tab of the Policies page.