A company registration code is required to register new sensors.


  1. Sign in to the Carbon Black Cloud console.
  2. On the navigation bar, click Inventory and then click Endpoints.
  3. Click Sensor Options and click Company codes.
  4. Read the notification about "...generating a new code invalidates the previous code and cannot be undone" and check the box acknowledging that fact.
    Screen image of Company Codes page in the console
  5. If the company code has not already been assigned, under Registration Codes , click the Generate New Code button.


You can also generate a company deregistration code to be required for uninstalling sensors directly at the endpoints.

Take note of the generated codes so that you can supply them during the installation. We recommend that you copy/paste the codes into a plain text editor and then copy/paste them from that source.


For 3.0 and later Windows or macOS sensor versions, the length of the company registration code is extended.

Use the company registration code that is specified as 3.0 to install all 3.0 and later Windows and macOS sensors, and use the 1.x — 2.x code to update Windows or macOS sensors prior to version 3.0. The process of supplying the code during sensor install remains the same. You must update any software distribution tools or any existing installation scripts to use the extended codes.

Use the code that is specified for 3.0 and later sensors to install Linux sensors.

You can change the company registration code. If you install sensors using a specific company registration code and then change the code and install sensors using the new code, the old sensors will continue to operate. Installed sensors are unaffected. Only new installation packages must use the new code.