The App Control agent recognizes the Carbon Black EDR sensor and reports its presence to the App Control server.

The App Control server allows efficient operation of both the App Control agent and Carbon Black EDR sensor on the same endpoint.

  • Performance Optimizations – Internal performance optimizations nearly eliminate any performance impact on either product from having the other product’s agent or sensor installed.

  • Trust for Sensor Updates – Updater rules allows seamless installation and upgrades of Carbon Black EDR Mac and Linux sensors that would otherwise have been blocked by a App Control agent in Medium and High enforcement modes. See “Approving by Updater” in the App Control console Help for more information about updater rules.

  • Publisher Trust for Carbon Black EDR – A Publisher rule in App Control instructs agents to trust (by default) Windows files that are identified as being from the publisher “Carbon Black, Inc.” This is the publisher for Carbon Black EDR files. See “Approving or Banning by Publisher” in the App Control console Help.

  • Server Integration Interface – The Licensing tab on the App Control System Configuration page includes a Carbon Black EDR section that you can use to activate integration with a specific Carbon Black EDR server. Step-by-step instructions are included in Activating Integration.