In the Carbon Black EDR console, you can view the current App Control integration settings.

To view integration settings in the Carbon Black EDR console:

  1. Log into Carbon Black EDR.

  2. Click Username > Settings .

  3. Click VMware Carbon Black App Control Server .

  • You can change the watchlist and SSL settings in the Carbon Black EDR console. However, you cannot change the URL or API Token parameters here. If you need to modify these parameters, use the App Control console.

  • The value in the Server URL field on this page must be resolvable by the Carbon Black EDR server for proper communication with App Control.

To view the App Control integration status in the Carbon Black EDR console:

  1. Log into Carbon Black EDR.

  2. On the navigation bar, click Server Dashboard .

    The status of the App Control server connection is shown in the Server Communication Status panel in the top-right corner.

  3. Three possible states can occur. You might need to perform more steps depending on the status:

    • App Control Server is connected – Indicates that the integration is configured and the connection is functioning properly.
    • App Control Server not configured – If the App Control server connection has not been configured, a Settings button appears in the status line for the connection. Do not use this button. You cannot configure the API Token or URL on this page; they must be entered in the App Control console.
    • Unable to connect to App Control Server – Can indicate network or firewall problems, a bad URL, or port configuration. It can also occur if Force Strong SSL was chosen on the App Control console System Configuration page for Carbon Black EDR, when a self-signed certificate is being used on the App Control console.