To access documentation for tasks not covered in this guide, in addition to other documents maintained as a knowledge base for technical support solutions, see the following:

  • VMware Carbon Black EDR Release Notes – Provides information about new and modified features, issues resolved and general improvements in this release, and known issues and limitations. It also includes required or suggested preparatory steps before installing the server.
  • VMware Carbon Black EDR Operating Environment Requirements (OER) – Describes performance and scalability considerations in deploying a Carbon Black EDR server. This document was called the Server Sizing Guide in previous releases.
  • VMware Carbon Black EDR Server Configuration (cb.conf) Guide – Describes the Carbon Black EDR server configuration file ( cb.conf ), including options, descriptions, and parameters.
  • VMware Carbon Black EDR User Guide – Describes the Carbon Black EDR product and explains how to use all of its features and perform administration tasks. Beginning with Carbon Black EDR Server 6.5, this User Guide is also available online through the Help menu in the console.
  • VMware Carbon Black EDR Unified View User Guide – Describes how to install and manage VMware Carbon Black EDR Unified View.
  • VMware Carbon Black EDR Integration Guide – Provides information for administrators who are responsible for integrating Carbon Black EDR with various tools and applications, such as VMware Carbon Black App Control, EMET, VDI, SSO, and more.
  • VMware Carbon Black EDR API – Documentation for the Carbon Black EDR REST API is located at . Documentation for the Python module that can be used for easy access to the REST API is hosted at
  • VMware Carbon Black EDR connectors – A connector enables communication between a third-party product and Carbon Black EDR server. Documentation describing how to install, configure and maintain VMware Carbon Black connectors is located at .