This parameter specifies the location to write cbdiags data.

Default: /tmp

You can choose a different directory if you prefer not to add these diagnostic files to /tmp. For example: CbDiagTmpDir=/var/cb/data

Note: New in version 6.2.1. This setting is not included in the default cb.conf file.
Note: New in version 7.1: Temp directory for cbdiag.

This feature is for servers that have limited space in /tmp. Currently, --tmpdir=/desired/location must be passed with each cbdiag execution to make sure that /tmp is not used, and another mount that has less space constraint is used instead. You can permanently configure the tmp location for staging and temp files that are generated during execution of cbdiags.

To set a temp directory for cbdiag in cb.conf:

  1. Edit /etc/cb/cb.conf

  2. Add token CbDiagTmpDir=/desired/location (example: /var/cb/data). This should ideally be done on all nodes.

After it is set, the staging and temp files are generated at the CbDiagTmpDir location instead of /tmp.