Part of the algorithm to calculate throttle for legacy sensors relies on these settings.

Default: 0.1

  • EventlogLegacyThrottleMinRatio
  • EventlogLegacyThrottleMaxRatio
  • EventlogLegacyThrottleMultiplier

Final throttle represents the probability [0.1] that any given sensor will send event logs within the next check-in period. Its calculation is based on the current value of "retry-after" for a given cluster node.

Final calculation is multiplied with EventlogLegacyThrottleMultiplier and bounded with EventlogLegacyThrottleMinRatio and EventlogLegacyThrottleMaxRatio. To linearly reduce or increase the volume of legacy sensor event logs, reduce or increase EventlogLegacyThrottleMaxRatio from default value of 1.0.

Note: New in version 6.1.