Carbon Black EDR Unified View administrators can perform the following cluster management tasks.

  • Add and remove clusters from Carbon Black EDR Unified View, specify their authentication parameters, and configure SSL certificate settings. See Add or Remove Clusters.

  • Specify the type of API token for authenticating users to a cluster — either shared or individual. See Authentication Method (API Token).

  • Specify the clusters that are available for searching in Carbon Black EDR Unified View. See Cluster Connection Status.

  • Monitor the operating (health) status of clusters. See Cluster Health Status.

  • Note:

    Administrators also manage Carbon Black EDR Unified View users, as described in Managing Users.

Individual Carbon Black EDR Unified View users can specify how they manage clusters on the My Profile page, as follows:

  • Set their own authentication credentials for clusters that require user authentication via individual API tokens.

  • Specify which of the available clusters to enable (include) or disable (exclude) for personal searches. See Choose Clusters for Personal Global Searches.