The Enabled field in the My Clusters list can have the following settings:

  • Enabled switch on (blue and white) – These clusters are included in your global searches. You can change this setting in My Clusters.

  • Enabled switch turned off (white) – These clusters are manually excluded from your global searches. You can click the setting to Enabled to add this cluster's data to your searches.

  • Enabled switch deactivated (gray) – These clusters are excluded from your global searches for one of the following reasons:

    • They are missing an API token to provide cluster access, but are otherwise available for your global searches. Log in to the cluster itself, obtain the token from your My Profile page on that cluster, and add it to the row for that cluster on the Carbon Black EDR Unified View My Clusters page.

    • They are disconnected from Carbon Black EDR Unified View in Cluster Management and unavailable for any global searches. Connecting or disconnecting a cluster is done on the Cluster Management page and requires Carbon Black EDR Unified View administrator privileges.

The API Token column in the My Clusters list shows one of the following:

  • Shared Token if an administrator selects this authentication method for the cluster.

  • An individual API token string specific to this Carbon Black EDR Unified View user’s access to the cluster.

  • Enter API Token if an individual token is required but not yet entered.

Shared versus individual token authentication is determined on the Cluster Management page and cannot be changed on My Profile.

To enable your Carbon Black EDR Unified View access to a cluster:

  1. On the Username menu in the upper right corner of the console, click My Profile.

  2. Click the My Clusters link.

  3. If the API Token field for the cluster to add to your Carbon Black EDR Unified View states Enter API Token, get an API token from a cluster user (not Carbon Black EDR Unified View) and enter it into that field. The permissions of the user account whose API token you are using determines your access to that cluster and its data.

  4. After you have entered an API token, or if the cluster is configured for a shared token, the Enabled slider shows blue and white when access is enabled. If that is not the case, click the button to the right to enable cluster access.

After a cluster is enabled on a user’s My Profile page, that user has access to the cluster’s data during searches and can browse to that cluster through Carbon Black EDR Unified View. These capabilities are subject to privileges of the cluster user whose token was used for authentication. See the VMware Carbon Black EDR User Guide for details about user permissions.