In Carbon Black EDR Unified View, users authenticate with clusters through API tokens instead of usernames and passwords.



API Token

Select one of the following authentication methods for users to access the cluster through Carbon Black EDR Unified View:

  • Individual User Tokens – Each user must obtain an API token from a user account on the cluster (such as their own account), and then add it to settings for that cluster on their My Profile page in Carbon Black EDR Unified View. This option is useful to limit users to no more access via Carbon Black EDR Unified View than they would have by directly logging in to the cluster.

  • Shared Global Token – All users can access the cluster using an API token entered at creation time (in the Add Cluster dialog box), or later, in cluster settings on the Cluster Management page. By using this option, users can access the cluster without having to configure their own tokens. A shared token is convenient, for example, when all Carbon Black EDR Unified View users require the same access to this cluster. It is not appropriate if you require different privileges on a cluster for different Carbon Black EDR Unified View users.