The VMware Carbon Black EDR Operating Environment Requirements Guide (OER) v7.5 provides the following information:

  • An overview of how Carbon Black EDR operates, and the resources that are required for a successful implementation.
  • Dimensions of performance and scale and recommendations for server and cluster sizing.
  • The most common questions and answers about the performance and scale of a Carbon Black EDR installation.
  • Recommended hardware for referenced sizes of installations, which enables a hardware cost estimate to meet the scalability, performance, and storage needs for specific install sizes.

The following additional resources can help properly size a Carbon Black EDR installation:

  • Carbon Black EDR Sizing Estimator: By providing interactive sizing estimates, the Carbon Black EDR sizing calculator is used together with a Carbon Black sales engineer to understand rough sizing requirements based on key user inputs.
  • Professional Services: Carbon Black customers can engage Customer Support or Professional Services for additional assistance in scoping, sizing, and tuning their installations.