In addition to 10 GB for the root drive that hosts the OS, we recommend reserving 75 GB for /tmp and disk space that equals to 70% of total RAM for logging/diagnostics and process memory dumps (if needed).

The following is an example partition scheme for a machine that has 128 GB of RAM:

  • 10 GB free for root / drive – OS files and installed applications
  • 75 GB free for /tmp directory – diagnostic files
  • 90 GB for /var/log/cb (equal to 70% of total RAM on the server) – logs and memory dumps

This partitioning scheme makes sure that the OS remains responsive and does not run out of free space due to memory dumps, logging, diagnostic data, and so on. The partition scheme is a recommendation only. If non-data space is on a single volume, it should equal 75 GB + 70% RAM for total allocated space.

Note: To enable greater retention of logging and diagnostic data, you can optionally add more disk space.