cbcluster is a command line utility that you can use to manage and configure Carbon Black EDR clusters on the primary node.

It supports the following options:

  • cbcluster start

  • cbcluster stop

  • cbcluster status

  • cbcluster add-node

These commands run in root context and require users to have sudo privileges to invoke /usr/share/cb/cbcluster on the primary node. Additionally, the cbclusteradd-node command, which is used to add a new minion node to a cluster, connects and remotely executes on the minion a series of commands for cluster configuration.

  • Make sure that the primary and minion nodes are running the same version of Carbon Black EDR prior to running the cbcluster add-node command. If the versions are not the same, an error message displays.

  • The cbcluster reshard command is deprecated.

As of Carbon Black EDR version 5.1.1, you can define a non-root user as the remote user for minion communication and execution. Previously, when adding a minion node to a cluster, the cbcluster utility required availability of root user on the minion node. In this and later releases, this requirement is relaxed, and minion nodes can be configured as a non-root user.

This topic describes the required privileges for the non-root user and its use during cluster setup.