If you choose Manual for Allow Upload of Sensor Diagnostics Data on the Shared Settings page, you initiate data collection and uploads by executing a command line utility.


Before you can manually upload sensor diagnostic data, you must opt-in. To do so, see Enable macos Sensor Diagnostics Uploads.


  • Run the following command using this syntax:
    sensordiag -type CDE [-startdate YYYY-MM-DD [THH:MM:SSZZZZ] ]
    [-enddate YYYY-MM-DD [THH:MM:SSZZZZ] ] [-upload [<number of seconds>] ] [-remember ]
    The -type options determine what data is uploaded:
    • C: Crash reports for Carbon Black user-mode Service and Sensor Diags
    • D: Diagnostics reports
    • E: Environment reports
    Other options are as follows:
    • startdate/enddate: For manually collected sensor diags, you can specify the range of diagnostic files to include in the zip file. This is based on their modified date (date created or dates inside files are not considered for this parameter).
    • upload: When you run the sensor diagnostics command manually, this option must be specified if you want the resulting zip file uploaded to the Carbon Black EDR server – otherwise it just remains on the sensor. If a time argument is specified, the tool will only look for files that were modified within the start and end dates specified. If a time argument is not specified, the tool will capture logs from the beginning of the day until the current time.
    • remember: This option uses the end date of the most recent sensor diagnostics zip file as the startdate for a new one.