This section describes places how to verify a Linux sensor installation.

Table 1. Key Files for Linux Sensor Installation Success
Path Description


Sensor daemon script
/usr/sbin/cbdaemon Sensor daemon executable
/lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel/lib/cbsensor.ko Sensor kernel module (6.1.x)
/opt/carbonblack/response/modules/cbsensor.ko Sensor kernel module (6.2.x)
/etc/sysconfig/modules/cbsensor.modules Kernel autostart file
/opt/cbsensor/ Sensor diagnostics file (6.1.x)
/opt/carbonblack/response/bin/ Sensor diagnostics file (6.2.x)
/opt/cbsensor/ Sensor uninstall file (6.1.x)
/opt/carbonblack/response/bin/ Sensor uninstall file (6.2.x)
/var/lib/cb/config.ini Configuration file (6.1.x)
/var/opt/carbonblack/response/config.ini Configuration file (6.2.x)
/var/lib/cb/sensorsettings.ini Settings file (6.1.x)
/var/opt/carbonblack/response/sensorsettings.ini Settings file (6.2.x)
  • To verify that the sensor daemon is running, issue the following command:
    pidof cbdaemon

    Exactly one PID should be returned.

  • To verify that the sensor kernel module is running, issue this command:
    lsmod | grep cbsensor
    If the sensor kernel module is running, the output should show one item.
Note: Verification for RHEL8.x/SUSE/Ubuntu:
  • A /usr/sbin/cb_ebpftool directory contains pertinent files.
  • No /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/lib/cbsensor.ko file exists because there is no kernel module.
  • No /etc/init.d/cbdaemon exists; instead, there are /etc/systemd/system/ {cbdaemon.service,cbebpfdaemon.service,cbkernelupdate.service}
  • No cbsensor module is loaded.

To check if the sensor is installed correctly, issue this command:

rpm -qa cbsensor

If the sensor is installed, a single line displays the version and build numbers. For example: cbsensor-v6.2.0.60603-1.x86_64

For RHEL8.x/SUSE/Ubuntu the kernel header package matching the running kernel must also be installed. The install will attempt to install this package if it is not already installed; however this can fail if, for example, the repository is not set up.

On RHEL 8.x, search for this with (rpm -qa | grep kernel-debug-devel).

On SUSE, search for the kernel header package with (rpm -qa | grep kernel-devel).