Your organization might have specific standards for what kind of information may be uploaded to a third party such as Carbon Black.

To help you decide whether the sensor diagnostic upload features meet your organization's standards, the following table shows the type of information each option uploads.

Table 1. Uploaded Data Types
Crash Logs Diagnostic Reports Environment Data
File name No Yes (1) Yes (5)
File path No Yes (1) Yes (5)
IP address No Yes (1) No
Command line No Yes (2) No
Network operations (device names) No Yes (3) No
File writer name No No No
Audit logs (user name) No No No
Username associated with process No No No
Hostname Yes (4) Yes (4) Yes (4)
Full binary No No No
File metadata No No No
Email address No No No
  • (1) - File names and file paths (which include the file name) and IP addresses appear in CbOsxSensorService log files.
  • (2) - Command lines appear in log files in certain error situations.
  • (3) - Device names appear in the log together with IP addresses (1).
  • (4) - The hostname is part of the name of the zip file that is sent to Carbon Black.
  • (5) - System logs are collected, which can contain path names logged from other processes.
  • (6) - Hostname is shown in system profiler information.