For documentation for tasks that are not covered in this guide, and other documents that are maintained as a knowledge base for technical support solutions, see the following:

  • VMware Carbon Black EDR Operating Environment Requirements Guide (OER) – Describes performance and scalability considerations in deploying a Carbon Black EDR server. This guide was called the Server Sizing Guide in previous releases.
  • VMware Carbon Black EDR Server Cluster Management Guide – Describes how to install, manage, backup/restore, etc. a Carbon Black EDR server/cluster.
  • VMware Carbon Black EDR User Guide – Describes the Carbon Black EDR product and explains how to use all of its features and perform administration tasks.
  • VMware Carbon Black EDR Unified View User Guide – Describes how to install and manage Carbon Black EDR Unified View.
  • VMware Carbon Black EDR Integration Guide – Provides information for administrators who are responsible for integrating Carbon Black EDR with various tools and applications, such as VMware Carbon Black App Control, EMET, VDI, SSO, and more.
  • VMware Carbon Black EDR API – Documentation for the Carbon Black EDR REST API is located at . Documentation for the Python module that can be used for easy access to the REST API is hosted at
  • VMware Carbon Black EDR connectors – A connector enables communication between a third-party product and Carbon Black EDR server. Documentation describing how to install, configure and maintain VMware Carbon Black connectors is located at .