Carbon Black EDR Unified View users are the administrators and security personnel who are responsible for the following activities in Carbon Black EDR Unified View:

  • Configuring and monitoring Carbon Black EDR clusters.
  • Creating and managing user accounts.
  • Performing process and binary searches on clusters.
  • Analyzing search results and drilling down to individual clusters to investigate the returned data.

You must create separate user accounts specifically for Carbon Black EDR Unified View. User accounts created on the viewed Carbon Black EDR clusters cannot be used to log in to the Carbon Black EDR Unified View console.

Two elements determine what a user can do in Carbon Black EDR Unified View:

  • Access to Carbon Black EDR Unified View user and cluster management features is determined by whether a user is configured as an Administrator. Non-administrator users can use binary and process search features, and browse to clusters to which they have been authenticated.
  • Access to each connected cluster and its information is determined on a per-user basis by the API token that is used to authenticate the connection to each cluster.