Perform the following procedure to migrate a cluster minion node.

Note: You must migrate all minion nodes before you migrate the primary node.

The following script detects that Carbon Black EDR is installed and begins the migration process.


  1. On the non-containerized system, run ./edr-docker start.
    [root@localhost edr]# ./edr-docker start
    Non-containerized EDR install found, migrating to containerized
    Would you like to migrate the existing install to a container? [y/n]: y 
    Stopping cb-enterprise (via systemctl):                    [  OK  ]
    Copying EDR configuration files
    Warning: Do not remove the /var/log/cb and /var/cb/data directories from the host.
    These directories are being used by the EDR container.
    Copying sensor installers
    Migration completed, please run './edr-docker start' again to start the services.
  2. Press Enter to complete the migration.

What to do next

Migrate more minion nodes or migrate the primary node.