This topic describes basic elements and concepts of operating VMware Carbon Black EDR containerized servers and clusters.

Starting and Stopping Containers

Use the following commands to start and stop containers on a containerized distribution of Carbon Black EDR.

Note: When starting a cluster, start all minion nodes before starting a cluster primary node.
  • To start a minion node, run ./edr_docker start.
  • To stop a minion node, first make sure that the primary node is stopped. Run ./edr_docker stop.
  • To start a primary cluster node, first make sure all minion nodes are started. Run ./edr_docker start.
  • To stop a primary cluster node, run ./edr_docker stop.
  • To start a standalone server, run ./edr_docker start.
  • To stop a standalone server, run ./edr_docker stop.

Running Standard Commands

Note: You must have an initialized and running container to make use of the exec subcommand.

Run ./edr_docker exec --help to see a list of available commands.

[root@localhost edr]# ./edr-docker exec --help
Usage: ./edr-docker exec [subcommand]
available commands include:
     cbbanning - Assists in managing the VMware Carbon Black EDR Server banning features.
     cbcheck - Assists in troubleshooting VMware Carbon Black EDR Server installation.
     cbconf - Parse CbER config file and print settings to stdout
     cbdatagrid - This utility provides access cb-datagrid contents.
     cbdiag - collects information to assist with troubleshooting
     cbfeed_airgap - VMware Carbon Black EDR feed import/export utility for air-gapped systems
     cbfeed_scrubber - tool to remove all feed/watchlist tags from binary documents.
     cbget - Download or list files from Alliance server
     cblicense - to update the VMware Carbon Black EDR Server license or generate the license request blob
     cbpasswd - user account management utility for VMware Carbon Black EDR
     cbpost - Send file(s) to Alliance server.
     cbquery - Tool for querying certain info about EDR config and status
     cbrabbitmqctl - rabbitmqctl
     cbrabbitmq-plugins - rabbitmq-plugins - Script to start rabbitmq server
     cbsensorinstallergen - utility that can be used to create sensor installation packages.
     cbservice - Tool to start and stop individual EDR services
     cbsolr - This utility provides raw access to VMware Carbon Black EDR's Solr backend.
     cbssl - provides the tools for managing VMware Carbon Black EDR Server's SSL certificates
     cbstats - provides access to the statistics collected by EDR
     cbsyslog - provides an interface for testing VMware Carbon Black EDR's notifications syslog output.
     cbtaskerr - This utility prints out recent errors from task/job executions.
     cbtune - Parse CbER JVM tuning profiles
     cbuser - Commandline utility for EDR user updates
     install-sensor-rpms - Scan and install any new sensor installer rpm files
     sensor_report - Generate a report showing the status of every sensor

You can use the syntax ./edr_docker exec operation to execute any of these commands; replace operation with the supported command.