You can change the properties of a cluster node on a containerized cluster. This is most commonly done as part of deleting a node from a cluster.

To change a cluster node’s properties, issue the change-node subcommand. To learn more, use the --help switch:

/edr-docker cluster change-node [operation] –-help

Usage: cbcluster change-node [options]

Changes attributes for a given node by id.

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
                        Config file to use. default=/etc/cb/cb.conf
  -v, --verbose         Provide more detailed output

  change-node options:
    -N NODE_ID, --node=NODE_ID
                        Id of a node to change
    -R READ_ONLY, --read-only=READ_ONLY
                        True if node should be marked as read-only
    -E PRIMARY_HAS_EVENTS, --primary-has-events=PRIMARY_HAS_EVENTS, --master-has-events=PRIMARY_HAS_EVENTS
                        True if primary node should have events. Option
                        --master-has-events has been deprecated and superseded
                        by option --primary-has-events.

For example, to change node number one's status to read-only, run the following command:

./edr-docker cluster change-node -N 1 -R True