This section provides procedures for backing up and restoring a Carbon Black EDR server. The procedures are designed to ensure minimal data loss in the event of a catastrophic failure.

This section also includes optional instructions for upgrading your server operating system between backup and restore procedures.

Backup files and data should be stored on a different server than the one that is used for daily operations.

The backed up data must be restored on the same version of the server(s) from which the backups were taken (for example, v7.7.0).

All procedures are performed at the command prompt and require root-level access.

  • /var/cb is assumed to be the default installation data path. If your datastore root is configured in a different location, use that in place of what is provided here.

  • Network integrations are not fully backed up. Any network integration needing a bridge or connector installed must be installed on the new restore server before restoring the configurations.