The following procedure adds sensors to the cluster node(s) and verifies that the installed sensors display in the Carbon Black EDR console on the primary node. All sensors report to the primary node and have an assigned node for reporting process events and binary data.


  1. Log into Carbon Black EDR.
  2. On the navigation bar, click Sensors.
  3. In the Groups list, click the name of the group to which the new sensor will belong. If you have not created any groups, click Default Group. For more information about sensor groups, see "Sensor Groups" in the VMware Carbon Black EDR User Guide.
  4. Click Download Sensor Installer and select the sensor installer that matches your OS platform and (for Windows) installation method.
    The default group page with the download installer dropdown menu displaying a list of sensor installers
  5. Install the sensors on the cluster node(s). See the VMware Carbon Black EDR Sensor Installation Guide for additional help.
  6. After you have installed all sensors on the cluster node(s), click Sensors on the navigation bar to verify that they display in the primary node.
    The all sensors page displaying the node ID column