If you are upgrading a Carbon Black EDR server, the procedure varies depending on whether you are upgrading a standalone server or a clustered server.

Note: The database schema or Carbon Black Threat Intel feed data must be migrated after the new server version is installed.

Upgrade steps require SSH or console access to the server and minions with root privileges.


On pre-6.1 versions of Carbon Black EDR, you could change the home directory of the cb service account, which is /var/cb by default. This is the account under whose auspices server installations occur. This is no longer supported, and will cause upgraded servers to fail with an nginx error.

The home directory of the cb service account must be /var/cb. This is where upgrades place runtime configuration files for nginx, so if you changed the cb service home directory, these files will not be found. If you edited the home directory in /etc/password, restore it to /var/cb before upgrading.