There are two ways to invoke cbcluster and configure minion nodes as a user other than root.

  • If this is a new minion that is not added to the cluster, you can configure the new user when running add-node, by including the new add-node option:

    For example:

    $ /usr/share/cb/cbcluster add-node --hostname <my_host> --user <my_user>

    This command configures cbcluster to perform all remote actions for <my_host> as <my_user> . The / etc/cb/cluster.conf file is updated to reflect the new configuration with the key-value pair " User=<my_user> ".

  • If this is an existing minion, the /etc/cb/cluster.conf file can be modified directly. Open the file in an editor, and for each minion node, add the key-value pair " User=<my_user> " where <my_user> is the actual username you want cbcluster to use when connecting to that minion.
    Note: To avoid potential conflicts, do not select “cb” for a username.