This section describes the service reporting settings in the cb.conf file.

These settings are set up in the following format:



<SvcName> is one of the following:

  • CbSolr – The cb-solr service configuration.
  • CbDatastore – The cb-datastore service configuration.

<ReporterType> is one of the following:

  • GraphiteReporter – Data is sent over network sockets to a graphite server that is identified by GraphiteHost / GraphiteStatsUploadPort properties.
  • LogReporter – Data is written to the logback logging framework's com.carbonblack.cbfs.Metrics logger object. By default, this output appears in debug.log (if INFO level logging is enabled). The logback.conf.xml file can be modified so that metrics are written to a separate file.

<Prop> is one of the following:

  • Enabled – Indicates whether a particular reporter is enabled.
  • Interval – Specifies in seconds how often the data is reported.
  • Filter – An optional comma separated string of filter regular expressions that can limit which metrics are to be reported. For example, *jvm.* reports all metrics that have jvm somewhere in the name, whereas jvm\..+ reports all metrics that begin with jvm. as the first hierarchy element. If this property is not specified, all metrics are reported.

Use these component definitions as a guide to the function of the parameters listed in this section.