This section describes how to create, move, edit, and delete sensor groups.

Carbon Black EDR sensors are lightweight data gatherers installed on network endpoints (such as laptops, desktops, and servers). They gather event data on the endpoints and securely deliver it to the Carbon Black EDR server for storage and indexing. Each sensor is associated with a sensor group that defines its configuration and security characteristics. One sensor group can contain many sensors, but a single sensor can only belong to one sensor group.

Sensor groups can be based on your security and organizational requirements. For example, you might base sensor groups on functional groups (such as marketing, customer service, or IT) or by location.

If you move sensors from one sensor group to another, the sensors will receive security settings from the new group the next time they check back into the server. In most cases, you do not have to re-install the sensors when you move them.

See also:

  • The VMware Carbon Black EDR Sensor Installation Guide for information on installing, uninstalling, and troubleshooting sensors.
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  • Managing Certificates for information about certificate options.
  • Sensor Parity for information on supported operating systems. This topic indicates whether a supported configuration is available on a sensor and configurable on a sensor group.