A user account can be removed from the system when that user no longer needs access to the Carbon Black EDR console.

Users who have Global Administrator privileges can delete any account except their own and the built-in administrator account. If a user with a deleted account belongs to a team, the user is automatically removed from the team when the user account is deleted.

Note: A Global Administrator can delete any account except the one you are logged in as, including the administration account that was created during the server installation.


  1. On the navigation bar, click Users.
  2. Locate the user’s name and click the Delete (x) icon to the far right of the user name. (The delete icon next to the currently logged in user is grayed out,because a user cannot be deleted while logged in.)
  3. Click OK to confirm the deletion.

    A popup message reports the success or failure of this action. The Activity Audit for this user also shows the delete action.