There are two ways to enable and disable Live Response: through the cb.conf file or (if not set in cb.conf ), through the Carbon Black EDR console. Perform the following procedure to enable or disable Live Response through the console.


If CbLREnabled has no value (or is commented out) in the cb.conf file, an administrator can enable or disable Live Response in the console using a switch on the Advanced Settings page. This is the default setting in Carbon Black EDR version 6.3.0 and later.


  1. Log in as a Global Administrator (Carbon Black EDR) or Administrator (Carbon Black Hosted EDR).
  2. Click Username > Settings.
  3. Click Advanced Settings and scroll to the Live Response section.
  4. Check or uncheck Enable Live Response and click the Save changes button.
    The Enable Live Response checkbox
    Note: If the Enable Live Response box is grayed out and unresponsive, the value is set in cb.conf and cannot be changed through the console. See Enable or Disable Live Response through cb.conf.