The Event Forwarder S3 destination type requires the following information.



S3 Bucket

Required. The name of the S3 bucket to receive the output. The format must be [<region>:]<bucket-name> .

Send Timeout

Optional. Maximum duration of an upload connection. The default value is 60 seconds.

Upload Empty Files

Optional. Determines whether zero byte length files are uploaded. The default setting is false.

Max Bundle Size

Optional. The maximum bundle size (in bytes) to upload to the remote destination before compression is applied. The default value is 10MB.

Server-Side Encryption

Optional. Identifies the type of encryption that is required on the server. The default type is AES256.

ACL Policy

Required. Settings can be READ, WRITE, READ_ACP, WRITE_ACP, or FULL_CONTROL. These are typical permissions: the _ACP permissions also allow read/write to the ACL of the bucket itself. See Access Control List (ACL) Overview . We recommend that you use the default policy, which is “bucket-owner-full-control".

Credential Profile

Required. The profile name that is used to connect to S3 as defined in the Certificates and Credentials section of this page.

Dual Stack Networking

Optional. If unchecked, this setting indicates that this connection will consist of IPv4 addresses only. Enable this setting for IPv6 connections only.

Object Prefix

Optional. Embedded identifier that is useful for multiple Event Forwarders. The object prefix helps distinguish between output from multiple Event Forwarder instances, each of which has a distinct prefix.

Use Compression

Optional. If enabled, the payload is compressed.