Perform the following procedure to install Yara Manager.


  1. Install the CbOpenSource repository:
    cd /etc/yum.repos.d
    curl -O
  2. Use Yum to install Yara Manager:
    yum install python-cb-yara-manager
  3. Copy the example config file:
    cp /etc/cb/integrations/cb-yara-manager/ /etc/cb/integrations/cb-yara-manager/
  4. Verify the config file.
  5. Create an authentication configuration file at /etc/cb/integrations/cb-yara-manager/auth.conf . Add the following lines to the file:
  6. Replace adequately_long_and_complex_password_or_token with a passphrase or token.
  7. Start the Yara Manager.
  8. Add the configured API token and Yara Management support to cb.conf :
    For information about cb.conf, see the VMware Carbon Black EDR Server Configuration Guide.
  9. Restart cb-coreservices to apply the changes:
     /usr/share/cb/cbservice cb-coreservices restart
  10. Log in to your Carbon Black EDR console and browse to https://<cb_server_url>/connectors/yara, or click Yara Manager on the navigation bar.