The General section of the Create Group or Edit Group panel includes the following settings.




The name of the sensor group; alphanumeric characters only.

Sensor Process Name

(Optional, Windows-only) An alternate name for the sensor group process. The default name of the process is cb.exe .

For example, you can change the default name if Operations Security (OPSEC) policies require sensors to run with a non-standard or obfuscated executable name.

If you change the name of the sensor process, the process will run with this name instead of the default cb.exe . This will not change the Windows service display name, but it will change the name of the actual executable that is run.

Server URL

The URL that the sensor group uses to communicate with the Carbon Black EDR server. This URL is the same one that is used to log into the Carbon Black EDR server, prefixed with sensors. Use HTTPS and specify the secure port in the URL.

Site Assignment

Select a site to assign to this sensor group. You can use site definitions to define throttle settings to manage bandwidth for groups of computers. These settings are applied per site, not per sensor group. If bandwidth is an issue for this group of sensors, create or configure a site with the appropriate bandwidth settings in Username> Settings > Sites, and then assign the site to this sensor group by selecting the site in this field.

Note: Modifying bandwidth settings for sites requires Carbon Black EDR Global Administrator status or Carbon Black Hosted EDR Administrator status.

Additional information about site throttling is available in the VMware Carbon Black EDR Server Operating Environment Requirements Guide.

Assign Server Certificate

Assign a server certificate to all sensors in the group. Only sensors that check in receive this update. This field includes a Manage certificates link that goes to the Server Certificates tab of the Settings page. See Managing Certificates.