This topic lists the prerequisites you must follow before installing Carbon Black EDR containerized server software.

Note: Before you install Carbon Black EDR server software, review the VMware Carbon Black EDR Server Operating Environment Requirements Guide. Make sure that the Docker Host system has sufficient hard disk storage space. The containerized version of Carbon Black EDR has the same requirements as the non-containerized version.

Install the Docker Engine Package

To use the dockerized distribution of Carbon Black EDR, you must install a Docker engine package on the host system. Follow the Install Docker Engine instructions on the Docker website.

Install the latest available version of the Docker engine package for your operating system. As of the release of Carbon Black EDR 7.7.0, containerized Carbon Black EDR has been tested against Docker version 20.10.14.

Obtain the Carbon Black EDR Container Distribution

Download the containerized Carbon Black EDR distribution from VMware Harbor:

  • docker pull
  • docker tag

Install Containerized Carbon Black EDR

  1. Select a location from which to install the helper script and program data. This location should have adequate disk space, as per the VMware Carbon Black EDR Server Operating Environment Requirements Guide. The selected directory is the install directory, and provides a reference point for subsequent container data directories. For example: /opt/carbonblack.
  2. Extract the helper script in the directory you selected. The following command creates a helper script named edr-docker in the current directory. You will use this script as the interface through which to manage the Carbon Black EDR product inside a container.
    docker run --rm wrapper > edr-docker && chmod +x edr-docker

Install a License

A license file is required during the initial installation of containerized Carbon Black EDR. To install a license, put the license RPM in the install directory together with the edr-docker script before you start the server for the first time.