Perform the following procedure to add a minion node to a Carbon Black EDR containerized cluster. This step is different from a standard Carbon Black EDR distribution, where adding a node simultaneously installs the product and configures it.


You will need the minion installation password for each minion that you set up during the Install a Cluster Minion Node step. For example:

Minion ID IP Address Password
1 3kX6wrzp1q3rl
2 LdsqXTHjHhcqR


  1. Stop the cluster: on the primary node, run ./edr-docker stop.
  2. Run edr-docker cluster add-node.
    [root@localhost edr]# ./edr-docker cluster add-node
    What is the hostname or IP of the remote node:
    ================ CONNECT TO REMOTE NODE(s) =============
    Connecting to
    Root’s password:
  3. Start the cluster: on the primary node, run ./edr-docker start.