Perform the following procedure to migrate a non-containerized Carbon Black EDR standalone server to a containerized standalone server.

The following script detects that Carbon Black EDR is installed and begins the migration process.


  1. On the non-containerized system, run the following command: ./edr-docker start.
    [root@localhost edr]# ./edr-docker start
    Non-containerized EDR install found, migrating to containerized
    Would you like to migrate the existing install to a container? [y/n]: y 
    Stopping cb-enterprise (via systemctl):                    [  OK  ]
    Copying EDR configuration files
    Warning: Do not remove the /var/log/cb and /var/cb/data directories from the host.
    These directories are being used by the EDR container.
    Copying sensor installers
    Migration completed, please run './edr-docker start' again to start the services.
  2. When prompted to proceed with the migration, type y.