In this release of a containerized distribution, there are some limitations in provided support for migrating existing Carbon Black EDR installations and the available capabilities in the containerized distribution.

Please review these Known Limitations prior to beginning the migration from RPM-based Carbon Black EDR to container-based Carbon Black EDR to make sure you are aware of them and accept them.

The following configurations are not supported:

  • Following the migration and starting of containerized distribution, the RPM-based Carbon Black EDR server should not be started. The two types of distributions should not be used at the same time. You can encounter conflicts if the RPM-based Carbon Black EDR Server and the container-based Carbon Black EDR Server run simultaneously.
  • Migration from containerized distribution back to RPM distribution.
  • Customized multi-home installations where nginx configuration was modified to support multiple Network Interface Controller devices (NICs) and multiple IPs.
  • Custom disk volume mapping (for example, multiple volumes for event cores).
  • VMware Carbon Black EDR Unified View is not available as a containerized service. You can install and manage Carbon Black EDR Unified View as an RPM-based installation and connect it to containerized clusters.
  • The user interface configuration of Yara Manager authentication does not function in the containerized Carbon Black EDR Server. Currently, there is no way for Carbon Black EDR Server to communicate with Yara Manager, which exists outside of the Carbon Black EDR Server container.