Carbon Black EDR server releases generally include updated sensor versions for one or more operating systems. Servers and sensors can be upgraded independently, and sensors can be upgraded by sensor groups rather than all at once.

Decide if you want the new sensor to be deployed immediately to existing sensor installations, or if you want to install only the server updates. Carbon Black recommends a gradual upgrade of sensors to avoid impact on network and server performance. To avoid inadvertently upgrading all sensors at once, Carbon Black strongly recommends that you review your sensor group upgrade policies before upgrading your server.

See the “Sensor Groups” section of the VMware Carbon Black EDR User Guide. For sensor installation and upgrade instructions, see the VMware Carbon Black EDR Sensor Installation Guide.

Upgrade Policy Settings

On the Sensors page of the Carbon Black EDR console, the Upgrade Policy section of the Create or Edit Group panel contains options to set the policy for upgrading installed sensors within a group.

Upgrade policy options are on a per-group basis, as follows:

  • No automatic updates – Manually decide when to upgrade sensors.

  • Automatically install the latest version – Automatically upgrade the sensors to the latest version.

  • Automatically install a specific version – Install a specific version for all sensors in a group. This keeps all sensors at the selected version. Select a version number using the drop-down list. This option is useful when sensor versions must be tested or vetted.