This parameter controls whether individual documents are pruned if their age exceeds the MaxEventStoreDays setting.

Default: False

  • If False, the system relies on unloading partitions to prune old data, when the entire partition ages out.

  • If True, the system deletes older documents from the oldest warm partition when MaxEventStoreDays is reached.

This flag allows more expensive per-document purging in cases when SolrTimePartitioningMinutes is set to be higher than a day. This means that the partition is not purged until newest document in partition reaches the MaxEventStoreDays threshold, which can leave an amount of data up to the value of SolrTimePartitioningMinutes over this boundary.

Because deletion of individual documents is a more expensive operation than partition-based purging, Carbon Black recommends setting this value to True only if you use large partitions (>3 days) and want to save disk space.

Note: New in version 6.1.