This setting determines whether site throttling is enabled to control data flow from compatible sensors.

Default: False

When set to False , throttling settings (listed below) have no effect and the throttling feature is bypassed.

When set to True , the sensor notifies the server how much data it must send and requests a reservation to upload it. The server controls the number of sensors that can submit data concurrently based on two things: the amount of data they submit on average, and the limiting rate of submission per sensor, which is based on site configuration. The minimum number of sensors allowed to check in at any time is 1.

Minimum sensor versions for compatibility with this feature are: macOS 6.2.0, LNX 5.2.10, WIN 6.1.2 HF2. It is unsupported on previous sensor versions.

This setting must be set to True for the following settings to take effect:

  • DatastoreReservationCountThrottlingBufferPercent
  • DatastoreMaxTimeToSubmitS
  • DatastoreUseSensorUploadDynamicAveraging
  • DatastoreSensorUploadInitialAverageKB
  • DatastoreSensorUploadAverageTimeRangeS
  • DatastoreSensorUploadAverageMinCount
Important: You must restart cb-enterprise services after making this cb.conf change.
Note: New in version 6.2.2.