Perform the following procedure to add clusters to Carbon Black EDR Unified View.


  1. Log in to Carbon Black EDR Unified View using an administrator account.
  2. If you are viewing a single cluster through Carbon Black EDR Unified View, click the browser tab for the multi-cluster view.
  3. If the Cluster Management page does not display, click the Carbon Black EDR logo at the top of the left navigation bar.
    Note: If clicking this logo opens a Heads Up Display (HUD) page, you are still viewing in single-cluster view and must click a different browser tab. There is no HUD page in Carbon Black EDR Unified View.
  4. In the list of clusters in the left pane, click Add Cluster.
  5. Complete the settings in the Add Cluster dialog as described in Cluster Configuration Settings.
    Note: You can also modify cluster settings on this page.