Instruct Carbon Black EDR Unified View to manage and communicate with the cluster if it is running behind a proxy server.

All requests to the cluster will be rerouted via the provided proxy server. You must configure the proxy server settings for each cluster.

Note: This feature is controlled by the UnifiedViewProxyConfigurationEnabled flag in cb.conf. It is enabled by default. See the VMware Carbon Black EDR Server Configuration Guide.
Table 1. Proxy Configuration Settings
Setting Description
Use Proxy

Select this checkbox if the cluster is running behind a proxy server and is unreachable directly from the Carbon Black EDR Unified View server’s network.

Selecting this option enables the following proxy configuration fields.
Proxy URL This setting specifies the URL of the proxy server. It must start with http:// or https:// followed by a domain name or IP address.
Proxy Port

The port number of the proxy server within the valid port number range 1-65535.

Note: If you have configured the Carbon Black EDR cluster with a valid SSL certificate that is signed by a trusted certificate authority (CA) and have selected Enabled for the SSL Certificate Verification option, it is assumed that the Carbon Black EDR cluster is configured to use a custom web UI port. The cluster URL would have the same port separated from the URL by a colon symbol (:). In this case, make sure that the same web UI port is trusted by the provided proxy server so that it recognizes all incoming traffic from this port as safe. Otherwise, the proxy server will reject all incoming packets with a 403 error.