Carbon Black EDR Unified View operates in either multi-cluster (global) context or single-cluster context. The operating context determines the information displayed, the operations available, and the scope to which the operations apply.

Cues in the user interface identify and help track the current context and, in the case of single-cluster view, identify the current cluster. For example:

  • When an operation switches context, a new browser window opens to display the new view.
  • In a given context, only the actions relevant to that context are available.

    For example, the navigation bar includes only the actions that are available in the current context, as follows:

Multi-cluster context Single-cluster context


The collapsed multi-cluster navigation bar


The expanded multi-cluster navigation bar


The collapsed single-cluster navigation bar


The expanded single-cluster navigation bar

In single-cluster context, the name of the current cluster appears in these locations:

In the title of the page.

The name of the cluster in the title page next to the search binaries field

At the top of the navigation bar (expanded).

The name of the cluster in the navigation bar