At the bottom of the page (to the right of Related Metadata), the Binary Search Results table appears. Each row provides details about binary metadata that matches the search criteria.


Above the search results, you can see how many binaries match the search criteria and selected filters. You can select sorting options for the list of binaries.

Search results provide the following information about the binaries in the list:




The icon of the file in which the binary was detected. For example:


Click to display the Binary Preview page. See Binary Preview.

Binary MD5 Hash

The MD5 hash value of the binary.

Time First Seen

The first time that the binary was seen.


Shows whether the binary file is signed or unsigned.


The size of the file that contains the binary.


Indicates whether an existing watchlist identified the binary.

Click the icon to open the watchlist. See Watchlists


Click to display the Binary Analysis page. See Binary Analysis.