The following example shows how you can set up user accounts and teams. This is an simplified example — not a recommendation.

Suppose that a division of your company is based in Europe, with sites in France, Germany, and Italy. Also assume that all endpoints in these countries have sensors that are managed by one Carbon Black EDR cluster.

  • Create Administrators : You can make two Global Administrators in each country — they can set up their users and user teams. These Global Administrators can also monitor system performance and change settings that control the server. In this example, their primary responsibility is for the sensors in their own country; however, each Global Administrator can perform any Carbon Black EDR activity on the any country’s endpoints if necessary.
  • Create country-specific Analysts: Create four additional users in each country that are assigned as Analysts to teams for the sensor groups that correspond to the endpoints in their own country. They can monitor data from the sensors in these groups.
  • Enhance permissions for some Analysts: For two of the Analysts in each country, add enhanced permissions that allow them to take actions that affect sensors.
  • Let Analysts be Viewers for other sensor groups: So that Analysts can be aware of activities or trends that could affect all countries, give them the Viewer role for the sensor groups in countries in which they are not Analysts.
  • Create Viewer (only) users: There might be a third, larger group of users that you assign to teams that make them Viewers for the sensor groups in their own country so they can monitor but not alter the sensors in those groups.