This topic describes Binary Search page features in addition to the Search component.

In the top-right corner of the page, an Actions menu provides several options:

  • Share – Share query strings. You can email the URL of the Carbon Black EDR server with a query string to another Carbon Black EDR user. That user can then use the string to view the same results in their own Carbon Black EDR console.

  • Add Watchlist – Create a watchlist that is based on the current query string. A watchlist is a saved search that you can use to track specific IOCs. See Watchlists.

  • Export CSV – Export the first 1000 process search results into a CSV file in a comma-separated value format for reporting, retention, or compliance. Each row contains a URL to access the result details.


To export more than 1000 rows of data, you must configure API functionality to capture and save the data. See the Carbon Black Developers Network at .

The Reset search terms button at the top right of the Binary Search page removes all search criteria and restores the default view using *.* as the search criteria.

Below the facets and to the left of the binary search results, the Related Metadata panel appears. If you hover over an item in Related Metadata, rows that correspond with the selected common elements are highlighted to the right.